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Starting a Business

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Starting a Business

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Your First Step Begins Here

One of the first important steps of starting your own business is deciding on the type of business structure. Every business will have different business needs and depending on its needs, some business structures may be more beneficial than others. I explain each business structure along with its advantages and disadvantages to you and make a recommendation tailored to the needs of your business.  Afterwards, I form the business structure and register any intellectual property on your behalf. Learn more about starting a business here

Contact me to find out which business structure is best for you. 


The Five Main Business Structures

  1. Sole Proprietorship

  2. Partnership

  3. Limited Liability Company (LLC)

  4. Corporation

  5. Non-Profit Corporation

The Process of Starting Your Business

  1. Choose the Best Business Structure for Your Business

  2. Form the Business Structure

  3. Obtain the Necessary Permits and Licenses

  4. Register and Protect any Intellectual Property