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Legal Pitfalls of Starting a Cryptocurrency Business

Starting a cryptocurrency business to either invest or create new blockchain technologies can be an exciting and lucrative opportunity. However, beside the investment risks of the volatility of cryptocurrency, there are also serious legal issues involved. Recognizing and addressing these legal issues will enable you to avoid the legal pitfalls of starting a cryptocurrency business. The main legal pitfalls are (1) not registering your business as a “money service business” (MSB), (2) not complying with federal anti-money laundering laws, and (3) not complying with special privacy requirements. 

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Why Your Business Should Take Privacy Protection Seriously

Protecting consumers’ privacy is not just for big businesses or big corporations. Privacy laws affect both small and big businesses. Most, if not all, businesses today collect some amount of information about its consumers, such as a consumer’s name, phone number, email, or payment information. When your business collects information from a consumer, your business triggers certain privacy obligations that it must adhere to. If you are not complying with the applicable privacy laws in how to handle consumers’ personal information, your business may be liable for the mishandling of a consumer’s private information.

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